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Colloquium Archive

Date Speaker Lecture Title
Sergio E. Baranzini, University of California, San Francisco Big Data On A Network: Massive Integration Of Domain Knowledge For Drug Repurposing
Dorsa Sadigh, University of California, Berkeley Correctness And Control For Human-Cyber-Physical Systems
Jonathan Bachrach, University of California, Berkeley Let Them Eat Robots
Brian Thoms, California State University, Channel Islands Towards A Sentiment Analyzing Discussion-Board
Bruce Edward DeBruhl, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Trends In Automotive Security
Eric Paulos, University of California, Berkeley Hybrid Ecologies: Disobedient Objects, Unexpected Landscapes, And Human Wonderment
Jason Shankel, Sr. Gameplay Engineer @ FableLabs No, Seriously, What Is A Monad?
Hao Yue, San Francisco State University Time-Efficient Information Collection In Rfid Networks
Yong Jae Lee, University of California, Davis Automatically Localizing The Relevant Image Regions For Weakly-Supervised Visual Recognition
END OF SEMESTER CELEBRATION & AWARDS (Pizza during talks) Awards Presented To Sonoma State Computer Science Majors
STUDENT PRESENTATIONS (Pizza during talks) Spring 2016 Short Presentations Of Student Research
Anagha Kulkarni, Computer Science Department, San Francisco State University Efficient And Effective Large-Scale Textual Search
Landon Curt Noll How To Find A New Largest Known Prime
Kelly A. Shaw, University of Richmond, Virginia Helping Software Exploit Hardware
Jason Shankel, CTO, Wildstop Technical Considerations For Vr
Rebecca Hartman-Baker, NERSC Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Past, Present, And Future Parallel Programming Paradigms
Peter Pacheco, University of San Francisco Optimizing The Performance Of A Cuda Kernel
Andru Luvisi, ISO, SSU The Stored Program Computer And Some Early Computational Abstractions
Jennifer Chubb Reimann, University of San Francisco Survey Of Quantum Computation & Applications
John Aycock, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Classic Games