Colloquium Archive

Scientific-Compendia--A New, Internet-Based Communications-Methodology

Don Jewett, Abratech Corporation, Sausalito


Finding Scientific or Medical Information on the Web is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In a literature-search the misses greatly outnumber the hits. Hence, there is a clear need for a guide to the current ideas and evidence in both Science and Medicine. As such a guide, we propose a Network of "Scientific Multi-Level Compendia", where each Compendium can be visualized as a Web-based, highly-organized and moderated Review-Article and Forum, with two critical additions: a Multi-Level Format that allows readers to access only those parts of the Compendium which interests them and Context-Containing Cytation-Lists which provide immediate access to any citing text on the Web that has cited a given Compendium-entry.

Jr: Flexible Concurrent Programming In An Extended Java

Ron Olsson, University of California, Davis


Java provides a clean object-oriented programming model and allows for inherently system-independent programs. Unfortunately, Java has a limited concurrency model, providing only threads and remote method invocation (RMI). The JR programming language extends Java to provide a rich concurrency model, based on that of the SR programming language. This talk presents a brief overview of the JR programming language and its implementation.

From Manual Reports To Sql To Automated Reports Done Through Oracle Pl/Sql In Oracle Applications

Eric Levinson, Turin Networks, Petaluma


Many reports are written and then requested to run at regular intervals, sometimes resulting in an email with an Excel file attachment with the output. This talk will demonstrate how a simple report written in Oracle Discoverer (or other similar report tool) canbe converted into an automated, scheduled job in Oracle applications.

Creating Web Sites That Are Compliant With 508 Accessibility Requirements

Ginny Laughlin, California Institute on Human Services, SSU


There are new legal mandates for accessibility in web sites. What are they? How will this affect your site? What do you need to do to bring your site up to the new standards? This talk will give an overview of the requirements along with some basic training in creating document conversions.

Software Quality In Telecom: People, Processes, And Tools In A Growing Company

Joshua Melcon, Teknovus, Inc., Petaluma


In telecom software quality boils down to whether customers hear a dial tone when they pick up the phone. In order to maintain these complex programs teams use static analysis tools, coding standards, code reviews, testing, applied software processes and ‘good team dynamics’ to manage what otherwise might be an incomprehensible labyrinth of features and behavior. In this talk, using real world examples, we will discuss good and bad practices that ultimately contribute toward software stability and maintainability.