Minor in Computer Science

Students selecting this minor will be prepared for careers in business application programming, scientific application programming, computer equipment sales, as field engineers and as data processing managers, among the myriad job opportunities associated with the computing field. Approval of the minor curriculum should be obtained by the junior year at the latest in order that the minor may be properly planned.

All courses submitted toward either major or minor requirements in the Computer Science Department must be taken for a letter grade (A-F). This includes electives in CS and supporting courses in other departments. This does not apply to courses that are challenged.


Requirements for the Computer Science minor
Minor Requirement Units
CS 115: Programming I 4
CS 210: Introduction to Unix 1
CS 215: Programming II 4
CS electives, including 6 upper-division units and no more than 2 units from any combination of CS 349, CS 390, CS 495, and CS 497. 11
Total needed for the minor 20