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Spotlight on Hector Alvarez-Guevara

A journey of perseverance and achievement

The Computer Science Department proudly celebrates the accomplishments of Hector Alvarez-Guevara, a recent graduate who exemplifies resilience, dedication, and academic excellence. Hailing from El Cerrito, California, Hector graduated in Spring 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Business / Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.

In Spring 2024, Hector was offered a job by Deloitte, the largest of the Big Four accounting firms. Deloitte’s acceptance rate for new college graduates is a mere 3.7%, earning it the nickname "the Harvard of public accounting." In many ways, Hector is used to beating the odds. Statistics show that less than 4% of former foster youth like Hector achieve a four-year college degree, making his accomplishments even more incredible.

Hector attributes a non-trivial part of his career success to his Computer Science minor. When applying for internships, he recalls “one firm pulled my resume out of hundreds because of my minor,” highlighting the importance of his technical skills in standing out in a competitive job market. Hector went on to do an internship in the Summer of 2023 with Crowe LLP, ranked the #8 accounting firm in the country at the time. Crowe LLP indicated to Hector that, while he applied for a Federal Tax assignment, they wanted him in a more rigorous position with an International Tax Services assignment because of his Computer Science background.

Hector firmly believes in the value of combining the business field with more technical skill. “In 10 years, if you don't have a CS or data science degree, firms won't hire you,” he advises future students, emphasizing the growing demand for tech-savvy professionals in the business world. He acknowledges the concerns of his peers about the tension between maintaining high GPAs while tackling rigorous technical courses. However, despite these challenges, he encourages students to take the risk, as the long-term benefits far outweigh the potential challenges.

Hector Alvarez-Guevara's story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education and the importance of perseverance. As he embarks on his professional journey with Deloitte, we are confident that he will continue to make significant contributions. The Computer Science Department is proud to have been a part of his academic journey and wishes him continued success in all his future endeavors.