SSU students showcase their Spring 2023 Senior Capstone Projects

May 30, 2023
Screenshot from the demo video for a student app

Sample screenshot from "FoodTrace"

Spring 2023 Advanced Software Design Project (CS 470) students presented their senior capstone projects. Students made video demos of their apps that are accessible to a professional audience. Check out each team's presentation below.

Meals From Dirt
Ellie Parker, Erika Mendoza, Welinton De Leon

Meals From Dirt is a react app that allows the user to enter their address to see what crops they can grow where they live based on what ecoregion they live in and what meals they can make with those crops.

Music Streaming Application
Owen Mastropietro, Ryan MaKay, Soren Richenberg

For our capstone project we created a music streaming application. With the application, the user can listen to a library of music through their web browser.

Ticket Ease
Aaron King, Ian Hoole, Hal Norman, Tanner Staples

A ticketing system is a centralized platform that enables businesses, schools, and companies to manage customer or user requests and support tickets in a structured and organized way. We wanted to make a robust yet intuitive solution catered for small businesses.

Edfre Flores Ramirez, Jeremy Pearson, JT DePriest, Sam Ho

We decided to build an app that allows users to be able to set nutritional/weight goals and track food intake in order to meet those goals.

I’m Fine With Whatever
Trenton Jones, Cody Grimes, Huiran Lin

This is an app that is helpful when you are unsure about what you want to eat. The app is able to take your location and give you a restaurant that is within your area.

Overwatch Pre-Game
Jared Coats, Justin Scannell, Cameron Holland

This project is designed to be an alternative to the in-game competitive mode of Overwatch 2.