SSU students showcase their Fall 2023 Senior Capstone Projects

January 2, 2024
Screenshot from the demo video for a student app

Sample screenshot from "GroovePal"

Fall 2023 Advanced Software Design Project (CS 470) students presented their senior capstone projects. Students made video demos of their apps that are accessible to a professional audience. Check out each team's presentation below.

Check Resorts
Daniel Galarza, Adam Mena

Check Resorts is a full-stack web application designed to help travelers make informed decisions about their hotel bookings. This application allows users to access information about hotels, including user reviews, resort locations, average prices, optimal travel dates, and much more information about the resorts. The project includes a database server, an API server, and a React server.

Will Cooper, Alex Hicks, Marc Wegrzynowski

This project is a time management and schedule builder known as EMPS. It combines Employee Management systems such as scheduling with a Payroll System for registering hours and calculating what is owed to an employee. It features the ability to log, send and receive messages and update employee hours and the ability to both view and build schedules in a single, easy to use location. Setup is fairly simple if you follow the SETUP guide, as it’ll walk you through anything you might need to install to get the project working.

Clair Anderson, Erik Martin, Anthony Molinari

GroovePal acts as a bridge between popular websites among music enthusiasts: LastFM and Discogs. LastFM is a music-tracking service that allows users to “scrobble” (log) plays of whatever songs they are listening to. Discogs is a large music database and marketplace which keeps track of user’s vinyl collection. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to scrobble songs played on vinyl, since there is no supported software that runs on the analog setups that play it. GroovePal integrates the Discogs and LastFM APIs, as well as our own database, to enable users to log listens from their vinyl collection quickly and easily.

Justin Blechel

Chat470 is a real-time communication application built with React, offering a blend of text, voice, and video chat functionalities. This fully-responsive Progressive Web Application (PWA) ensures accessibility across diverse devices, allowing seamless installation for an enhanced user experience. Under the hood, the application harnesses the power of WebSocket and WebRTC for efficient real-time communication. The backend employs MongoDB and a Node.js server to handle data storage and server-side operations.