SSU students showcase their Fall 2022 Senior Capstone Projects

February 14, 2023
Screenshot from the demo video for a student app

Sample screenshot from "CS470 Party"

Fall 2022 Advanced Software Design Project (CS 470) students presented their senior capstone projects. Students made video demos of their apps that are accessible to a professional audience. Check out each team's presentation below.

Spotify Journey
Joseph Henderson, Alana Reyna, Karsten Steinhorst

Utilizing an assortment of Spotify API’s to create interactive data visualizations using some of D3’s algorithms. Spotify’s API allows for an array of information to be queried about a given song, artist, or playlist. Utilizing this information we will build a React application that displays songs based on certain statistics and finds songs using users preferences.

Lets go to the gym
Josh Mayeda, Andrew Moir, and Christopher Murray

A common difficulty of going to the gym is remembering what it is you need to work on. What muscles you need to exercise, which specific workouts you intend to do, how much of said exercises. So we thought of an app that keeps track of your days and the exercises for said days. You will have a front page of your daily schedule, an option of changing/adding to your weekly calendar, and a search function of varying exercises. There is also the possibility of posting/grabbing other users' schedules from a feed of exercises.

CS470 Party
Eric Fleming, Jack Sigismondo

A multiplayer turn-based board game where players’ success in minigames either single player or head to head determines whether they advance forward on the board. Mini games include Rocket Avoider, Breakout, Connect-4 -- played against the AI, and a version of Pacman.

Don't Starve Together
Andrew Tellez, Alejandro Madrigal, Zachary Robinson

The goal of the project is to create a website that acts as both a wiki and a tool platform for the game Don’t Starve Together. The main focal point of the project will be having the ability to design base layouts via drag and drop to a canvas, calculate material costs of said layout, and then save and export these creations. Sub points to the website will be blueprint trackers that can adapt based off of chosen character. Crafting calculators that give how much resources are needed based on the amount desired. Skin tracker for logged in users that will be able to be pulled from when in the building tab.