SSU students present HPC profiling research at CSCSU 2021

March 7, 2021
Jacob Evans

Jacob Evans, SSU CS major, discusses his research work presented at CSCSU 2021

SSU Computer Science majors Jakob Evans and Matyas Krizek present recent research work at the 2021 Computer Science Conference for CSU Undergraduates. This research is in collaboration with Andrew Eljumaily (SSU Computer Science, class of 2020), under the direction of Dr. Shubbhi Taneja

Jakob explains that prior student research with Dr. Taneja showed that in some heterogeneous HPC settings, there was a correlation between thread count and power usage, but not necessarily a correlation between thread count and performance. "This led to our project, profiling the GPU to determine what causes this issue, and how we can work around it," says Jakob. They worked with NVIDIA GPU hardware and the NVIDIAs Nsight Compute command line profiler to collect data on benchmarks under six metrics, chosen in consultation with an NVIDIA employee who helped the team select the most valuable metrics for explaining hardware events. Matyas will present their work at the virtual conference this March.

"Profiling CUDA benchmarks for Performance Analysis on Modern GPUs," Jakob Evans, Andrew Eljumaily, Matyas Krizek, Shubbhi Taneja, 2021 Computer Science Conference for CSU Undergraduates