Spotlight: SSU CS graduate begins grad program at USF

June 3, 2021
Matyas Krizek

Matyas Krizek ('21) will be starting the grad program at USF this fall

Matyas Krizek is an SSU CS major graduating with the class of 2021. He will begin the MS program in computer science at University of San Francisco’s School of Arts and Sciences. At SSU, Matyas has been a LARC tutor for the CS program and a Koret scholar. His Koret-funded research focused on the optimization of GPU power consumption and peak throughput in heterogeneous systems. Matyas' research was conducted on state-of-the-art GPU-accelerated systems, under the supervision of Dr. Shubbhi Taneja and her collaborator at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. For more information about this research, see: SSU students present HPC profiling research at CSCSU 2021. Matyas credits this prior research experience at SSU as an important motivator for him continuing to work in the field of parallel computing in grad school:

I am extremely grateful to have been able to collaborate with many field-leading computer scientists and developers, as well as having the ability to work with state-of-the-art computing systems, and I hope to be able to continue research in the field during my Master's program.


When asked if he has any advice for early-career students in CS, Matyas told us:

Stick with the subject and utilize as many of the avilable resources as possible. If you are having issues in a particular class, there will be a tutor for that course in the LARC, or a professor who is more than happy to help. Also, it is important to ask your professors for other opportunities to learn more about CS, be it through research or some other programs. Professors are an excellent resources for finding further opportunities within the CS field and gain valuable experience.

Matyas Krizek ('21)


Thank you to Matyas for his service and contributions to Sonoma State—as a LARC tutor, an exemplary student, and a productive Koret scholar. We wish Matyas well at USF!