CS student places in Japanese Language Speech contest

November 1, 2023
Officiants and contestants pose for the awards ceremony

Officiants and contestants at the Japanese Language Speech contest awards ceremony and (inset) Bo Thompson with his Second Place award

Computer Science junior Bo Thompson recently competed and placed second in the 2023 Japanese Language Speech Contest hosted at Sonoma State University. The contest represents a partnership formalized in 2019 among the Komaru-Kotsu Foundation, the Shibuya Ikueikai Foundation, the Fukuyama City University and Sonoma State University. Judges from CSU Sacramento, CSU San Francisco, Fukuyama Transporting Co. Ltd. and Fukuyama City University rated participants on presentation skills, cultural understanding and language proficiency— including their ability to understand and respond to questions on-the-fly. Congrats Bo! See the full article at the Sonoma State University news site for details.