Spring 2018 Registration Announcements

The latest versions of our Spring 2018 schedules are here:

Please see this important note about permission numbers.

Waitlisted? Don't panic! (posted 11/16/17)

Waitlisted for a course you need? Try not to panic. Especially for courses that have MATH 161, CS 115, CS 215, or CS 315 as a prerequisite, spots are very likely to open up after Fall 2017 grades are posted and we can double-check those prerequisites.

If you are waitlisted, however, you need to be sure that you will actually be able to move into a spot that opens up. Even if there is an open spot, you won’t get it if it would leave you with too many units or with a time conflict. I have seen students advance from #6 on the waitlist into an open spot because students #1-#5 had one of these issues that prevented them from claiming it. The waitlist SWAP feature is your friend here; see http://web.sonoma.edu/registration/records/waitlist.html.

Graduating this spring/summer? Email me ASAP if you didn't get classes (posted 11/16/17)

If you are graduating in Spring or Summer 2018 and didn't get a CS class you need, email me (rivoire@sonoma.edu) as soon as possible. I will do my best to accommodate you, but only if I hear from you very soon.

CS 315 enrollment (posted 11/16/17)

If you're in a position to take it next semester, CS 315 is much more critical to your timely graduation than any other CS or GE course. Seats in CS 315 are about to become much more competitive. If you have been waiting to enroll for any reason, or have been holding out for your preferred section, it would be advisable to add the course as soon as possible.

No-repeat policy for CS 115/215/315 (posted 11/16/17)

In order to allow as many students as possible to attempt the CS 115/215/315 sequence of courses, we have a no-repeat policy for these courses during the first wave of registration. This policy will lift tomorrow (11/17/17) for CS 315 only. For CS 115 and 215, it will lift on 12/22 at the latest; please stay tuned. This restriction has to be lifted manually, so I can't give you an exact time, but it will be shortly after 8 AM.

Your Registration Appointment (posted 11/6/17)

Registration begins on Monday, November 13. If you log into MySSU and click on "Student Center", you should see your registration appointment time listed on the right. Most CS and GE classes will fill, so you should plan to register at the beginning of your appointment in order to have the best chance of getting the courses you need.

Advising (posted 11/6/17)

The name of your academic advisor appears in MySSU. Please identify your CS advisor and contact him/her for an appointment. For faculty contact info and office hours, see

Fine Print on Prerequisite Courses (posted 11/6/17)

A grade of C- or better is required for any course that is a prerequisite to a CS course. Even though MySSU enforces prerequisite requirements, it doesn’t take this grade requirement into consideration when you register. As a result, it may allow you to enroll in a course even when you haven’t fulfilled its grade requisite. Please know that we identify these cases before the semester begins, and we administratively drop students who are in violation of this policy.

In addition, you are able to enroll in courses whose prerequisite(s) you are currently taking this semester. After the grades are posted, students who do not complete these courses with a grade of C- or better will be administratively dropped from the Spring 2018 courses that require them as prerequisite(s).

CS 454 (posted 11/6/17)

Sometime next Monday, we are very likely to add a second section of CS 454 Monday/Wednesday from 2:00-3:50 PM. Please consider registering for that if the first section fills, or if you're not able to get into another 400-level class.

CS 370 and CS 355 (posted 11/6/17)

We have scheduled two sections of each of CS 355 and CS 370. Both courses require the same prerequisite, CS 215 with a grade of C- or better. CS 355 tends to fill quickly. If CS 355 has already filled when you register and you haven’t already taken CS 370, please consider enrolling in CS 370.

Electives (posted 11/6/17)

We are offering three 3-unit CS electives in the fall. For complete course descriptions, please visit:

  • Computer Security and Malware (CS 340), taught by Dr. George Ledin
    Prerequisites: C- or better in CS 215 and CS 252
  • Object-Oriented Programming (CS 360), taught by Dr. Tia Watts
    Prerequisite: C- or better in CS 315
  • Computer Networking and the Internet (CS 365), taught by Dr. Mark Gondree
    Prerequisites: C- or better in CS 215 and CS 252

For Spring / Summer 2018 Graduates (posted 11/6/17)

Please file your graduation application as soon as possible. If Dr. Kooshesh is your academic advisor, you will need to do so this semester, since he will be on sabbatical next semester.

If you need to go above 16 units, you should also submit your petition for extra units as soon as possible. The registrar usually prioritizes these requests for students who have applied to graduate.

Finally, Spring/Summer 2018 grads should plan on taking a capstone course (CS 470 or CS 496) next semester. CS 470, which will be taught by Dr. Anamary Leal, lets you complete your senior project in a structured course. CS 496 is a research track that allows you to work with a faculty member on a one-on-one basis. If you have at least a 3.0 GPA in the CS major and are interested in taking this course instead of CS 470, you should talk to individual faculty members to see if they have any projects that you are qualified to undertake. Do not make the assumption that you will be able to find a faculty sponsor. Unless you have a faculty sponsor before the registration starts, you should take CS 470.