SSU students showcase their final projects for Intro to Game Programming (CS 330)

May 25, 2020
Female game avatar in armor with mace, overlooking a panoramic vista

Screenshot from a student game from Spring 2019 in CS 330

As part of the final project for CS 330 in Spring 2019, students had to build a complete game. The primary learning objectives of this project were two-fold: first, they were expected to apply and expand their knowledge of gameplay programming in Unreal 4. Second, as this was a fairly lengthy project (~1 month in length + 3/4 group members), they had to learn the process of how to manage group projects of a longer duration by using Agile/Scrum methodology. Students used Trello boards to manage their tasks and many used GitHub for code sharing and versioning. The entire project was divided into three Sprints and the outcome of the final Sprint was to have a complete game experience (being able to load a game, some sort of instructions on how to play, be able to restart, and exit). Students were given complete freedom on what genre of game they wanted to build. Their final project videos are features on this CS 330 Youtube playlist showing recording of gameplay.