SSU students showcase their Fall 2020 Senior Capstone Projects

December 4, 2020
Screenshot showing a street map with a path charted on it

Screenshot from the demo video for a student app

Fall 2020 Advanced Software Design Project (CS 470) students presented their senior capstone projects online. Students had to make video demos of their apps that are accessible to a professional audience. Check out their awesome work below.

FitArt: Samuel Smetzer, Gabrielle Luna, Grey Todd, Jacob Blechel.

Draw on the world, with you as the paintbrush! This app tracks your running/walking/hiking, and lets you draw on a virtual canvas, using art to motivate fitness.

Destination Spotter: Bipin Regmi, James Gammon. Herbert Gutierrez Iemus, Shahar Kadoch.

Discover hidden local gems with this app! Like Yelp, but for local destinations like treasured hiking trails and unique photography spots.

SpeechToCode: Collin Sperry, Tristan Petty, Ivanov Munoz, Kunal Patel.

Empowering those with manual challenges to code! This app lets you code with just your voice alone, seeking to broaden access to computing to those with manual disabilities.