Advising FAQ

Who can I speak with in the CS Department to learn more about the major?
Interested students are welcome to stop by the CS Department Office (Darwin 116) and/or the Computer Science Laboratories (Darwin 24, 25, and 28 & Stevenson 1034) to ask about the major. CS students are often working in the labs and can provide a student's perspective on the CS program.
Students seeking academic advising in the Computer Science major should contact their advisor. The name of your advisor appears in MySSU. If no advisor is listed for you, which happens when your first semester at SSU has not started yet, you should contact the Chair of the Computer Science Department.
Who should I meet with about declaring a major in Computer Science?
The Chair of the Computer Science Department.
Is there a GPA requirement for declaring this major?
No. There is a minimum grade requirement of C- for major courses that serve as prerequisites to other courses in the major.
Is there any special application process to declare this major?
No. All that is needed is to complete the Change of Major form to declare a Computer Science major.
Is there a deadline every semester to declare this major?
Do I need to be eligible for GE English and Math before I take courses in the major?
In general, yes. You may contact the instructor of any course you are interested in taking without having met the prerequisites to discuss the specifics of your situation and to request waiving of the prerequisites.
Once I am declared, what classes will I need to take?
There are a number of resources available to help in planning your course of study. Check out the CS advising resources as well as the CS section of the SSU catalog & prerequisite chart.
What career paths are available to people who major in this subject?
Computer scientists are in great demand. CS graduates pursue careers in computing including Software Engineer, Network Analyst, Systems Engineer, Database Administrator and Web Developer positions. Others go on to careers in business, law, politics, and related fields in science or engineering. Many CS graduates pursue advanced degrees in Computer Science and other fields. Visit the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Computing Careers website for more information and resources on careers in the computing field.
Are there specific concentrations in this major?
What is required for a minor in Computer Science?
See the Minor in Computer Science information. The minor requires a total of 20 units.
Once I declare Computer Science as my major, will I have an advisor?
Yes. MySSU should show your assigned advisor; if you don't have one, please make an appointment with the CS Department Academic Advisor. Refer to the first two items above for information on scheduling an appointment. All CS faculty are happy to meet with students to discuss their courses, academics, career plans, graduate school, etc. Just come by the Computer Science Department Office in Darwin 116.
I still have questions, what should I do?
Just stop by the CS Department Office in Darwin 116 anytime. We'll do our best to answer your questions!